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As our devices continue to threaten to impede on our reality, and we share more of our space with digital fabrications, we’re going to be forced to interrogate reality itself in new and personal ways. Today’s Terraform, a surreal and stirring portrait of such a world in motion, does exactly that. Enjoy. -the ed.

Afterward, I played us jazz, and the pink-haired girl produced fruit she had stolen from her job at the gas station. A thought of light hung over us, even though I can’t afford electricity. I let her pick at and unravel my carpet. Yes, she liked the snakes.

I don’t think that I like anything. It’s not fun to put on socks every day. I think about stealing her dress, escape, crawling back to the house later to tell it of living.

I think of curtailing her dew-skin in dirt, flattening what the world expects of us. I can’t leave. I am in charge of putting birds in the sky.

When the birds began to be confused, circling their end, their sacred dialect colluded with robot static—that’s when they got the idea to replace them. Not many notice a difference. I upload, copy, paste, strings of