Reddit’s Piracy Subreddit Is Purging a Decade of Posts


Since around 2009, Reddit’s /r/piracy subreddit has been a place for people dedicated to downloading media for free to trade information, methods, and in some cases direct links to copyrighted material. Since its inception, the subreddit has grown to more than 360,000 subscribers.

Now, 10 years of posting history is going up in smoke as the moderation team purges any posts older than six months in the face of an overwhelming number of claims from rights holders. The process is slow, and two weeks on since the purge started there are still posts from nine years ago.

According a post by /r/piracy mod “dysgraphical,” Reddit’s legal team reached out on March 14 to tell the subreddit’s mods to clean up their act or risk the subreddit being banned.

“This is our formal warning about repeat infringement in this community,” Reddit said, according to /r/piracy’s mods. “Over the past months we’ve had to remove material from the community in response to copyright notices 74 times. That’s an unusually high number taking into account the community’s size.”

Though /r/piracy is a place to discuss piracy generally, the mods strive to keep the community from actually breaking copyright law. One of the subreddit’s