Salesforce announces new Einstein features for devs to build custom AI and ML


Today, Salesforce announced new features within their AI-powered Einstein Platform Services. The update will mostly affect admins and developers. And according to Salesforce, it will enable them to “build custom artificial intelligence and leverage machine learning services all with a single line of code or a few clicks.”

New capabilities for Salesforce’s Einstein AI include:

The company announced four main updates. Note that these last two items extend the AI capabilities beyond simple tasks to the point of decision-making — to predict business outcomes.

Language translation Ability to set up automatic language translation of any Salesforce object or field with simple drag-and-drop. Could be used to translate inbound customer queries into native language of service agents. Character recognition for automatic file uploading Ability to use computer vision to analyze documents and automatically update the right Salesforce record. Could be use to eliminate repetitive admin tasks such as taking a picture of a business card and inputting that data into a record. Prediction builder Lets admins build AI models to predict the outcome of any Salesforce field or object. These predictions could be embedded into the record to let future users make better decisions. Predictions service