Samsung Galaxy Fold First Look: Hands On With the Folding Phone


The first time I saw Samsung’s folding phone—the first time I held it—I couldn’t unsee the beds. It struck me as the smartphone version of two twin hotel beds pushed together to make a queen, with the suggestion of a seam visible under the comforter. But unlike a bed, designed for sleeping, the Samsung Galaxy Fold exists to occupy almost every waking moment of your life in front of screens.

Certain people of a certain age will recall a time when “folding phone” meant you snapped your little flip phone shut at the end of calls, back when we used our phones to make calls. But a fold is different from a flip. The Galaxy Fold has a display that actually bends. Starting with what looks like a thicker-than-average smartphone with a touchscreen, you crack it open like a book, and a larger second screen unfolds. Seeing it in action feels like a high-concept special effect: both stunningly cheesy and a brilliant hack on the laws of physics. That foldability is supposed to make it more versatile. It can be both your everyday phone for texting and Twittering, and your tablet for Netflix and longreads.

The long-awaited device goes

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