Samsung's $2000 Galaxy Fold phones are breaking — here are some of the biggest smartphone fiascos over the years (AAPL)


Early users of the iPhone 4 in 2010 reported an issue where the phone’s signal strength would drop when a user gripped the phone around the metal antenna band. Putting fingers on a certain part of the iPhone would cause the phone signal to lose reception quickly.

Apple first tried to excuse the issue as a display problem that affected the way service bar appeared on the iPhone — a response that was criticized and largely seen as a screw up. The response led “antennagate” to become a full-fledged PR crisis for Apple.

Then-Apple CEO Steve Jobs later apologized, and said the company would send all iPhone 4 buyers free “bumper cases” that resolved the service issue.

A class-action lawsuit brought by iPhone 4 owners, who accused Apple of hiding antenna issues, was settled in 2012. As part of the settlement, Apple gave out more free cases, or $15, to iPhone 4 owners that filed claims.