Samsung's Foldable Phone, A Microsoft Email Hack, And More News


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The first foldable phone is here

OK, so it might look like twin beds in a hotel room, but Samsung has actually come out with a phone that fully bends: the aptly-named Galaxy Fold. It goes on sale April 26, and while it’s not the first foldable phone concept, you can actually get your hands on this one. Get ready to blow your friends’ minds—if you have $1,980 to spend.

Hackers may be reading your emails

In a newly discovered hack on Microsoft, attackers spent months with full access to Outlook, Hotmail, and MSN email accounts. They got in with stolen customer-support credentials, giving them access to things like email addresses in messages, message subject lines, and in some cases, the messages themselves.

Don’t listen to your friends when it comes to merry-go-round experiments

A group of curious individuals decided they would try to spin a merry-go-round by pressing a gas-powered scooter wheel against it and cranking the throttle on said scooter. It went exactly as you thought it might. So whatever dumb things you might have done today, at least you didn’t do