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Did you know that tech behemoth Amazon and the eight South American countries that are home to the Amazon rainforest are currently battling over control of the .amazon web domain? At stake are potentially millions, even billions of dollars. Because the right web domain can sometimes make all the difference between success or failure for fledgling web projects.

With an estimated nearly 2 billion websites out there, users looking to find an unregistered name they like in the .com domain often discover an amazingly hard time.

While .com addresses are stacked to the rafters, new top-level domains like .tech and .store are fresh and ready to accommodate for the right businesses and services. So jump on board with five years of a premium .tech domain at a shockingly low $49.99, 80 percent off the regular price, from TNW Deals. Or go hardcore retail with a .store address for only $39.99 (72 percent off).

Early .tech adopters like Microsoft (, the Consumer Electronics Show (, and even our own TNW ( are enjoying the wider control of their prime cyber asset. On the .store front, we’ve got new-age digitally-savvy sellers like Nike (, Formula 1 racing ( or artists like Lorde