SEO: How Important Is It to Make the First Page?


In an E-Commerce Times poll conducted from March 25 to April 1 of this year, only 4.32 percent of respondents said there was always enough information on the first page of search results to meet their needs. By comparison, 14.05 percent said they found the first-page search results were rigged and limited by algorithmic highlights.

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More than one quarter, 25.41 percent, said even if the first page provided enough information, there was still reason to see what else might be available. Twenty percent said they usually found enough on the first page but sometimes wanted to see more. A total of 36.22 percent of respondents said if they saw too many paid-for results, or if they didn’t find an answer on the first page, they’d go deeper.

Although ECT News Network reader surveys are not intended to be scientific, the results of the SEO poll are particularly interesting because they contrast so sharply with the standard search engine optimization (SEO) pitch — which is that hitting the first page is absolutely necessary.

“In the SEO industry we say,’If you want to bury a body, put it on page two,'” said Andrew Shotland,