Slack vocab game that gave away money for no real reason is getting shut down


Workplace communication platform Slack says it will be deactivating a public channel dedicated to giving away $1,000 per day to anyone that can guess that day’s selected vocabulary word, citing company policies. The game, called The Word of the Day Is, was started by Gabriel Whaley last week as an experiment. It used a Slack bot to monitor entries, which were any one-word messages entered into the public channel. Winners were then sent the money via Venmo.

Whaley, the founder and CEO of a New York City-based creative agency called MSCHF Internet Studios, told The Verge at the time that he was “just trying to keep the internet a fun place and an escape.” In quick order, the game gained popularity and write-ups from major news organizations and even a sponsorship for one of its daily games from Chipotle, which is a prior MSCHF client it appears.

Apparently, that type of fun is not allowed on Slack. “We’re writing to let you know that the Slack workspace associated with the Word of the Day website will be permanently suspended in 124 hours,” the company told Whaley in a note today. “While we love the creativity behind your project,

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