Sony Xperia 10, Xperia 10 Plus Review: Cheap and Cinema-Wide


When everyone zigs, Sony likes to zag. That’s likely why it was one of the first Android phone makers to push waterproof, all-glass designs, and side-placed fingerprint sensors, and why it’s new line of Xperia phones are the Stretch Armstrong of Android devices. They are thinner and longer than any phone I can recall—long enough to show 21:9, cinema-wide movies with no black bars on the top or bottom.

Sony loves the idea of movie-theater-wide screens, in part, because it’s a giant company with a division that happens to make a lot of films. It also sees entertainment as vital to its future. A hefty chunk of its press event at CES this past January (a trade show about consumer products) was spent talking about Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, a sign that’s leaning into its entertainment wing more than ever. Sony also makes a lot of professional cameras, which is why it’s interested in getting anyone and everyone thinking about recording your own movies in a cinema-wide resolution too—something these phones can also do!

The Xperia 10 ($350) and Xperia 10 Plus ($430) are siblings to Sony’s lush new Xperia 1 … siblings that you can afford to buy.