Starship Robots 50,000th delivery in Milton Keynes


Starship robots 50,000th delivery in Milton Keynes has taken place which is an amazing milestone, but at the same time hardly scratches the surface for deliveries in Milton Keynes, let along the rest of the country.

Starship robots have travelled in over 100 cities around the world, operating commercially every day in local neighbourhoods and university and corporate campuses across five different time zones. Now Starship have celebrated their one year anniversary of operation in Milton Keynes, having seen the number of houses served in the town grow by 450% in the last year.

The robots are performing 1,000s of deliveries a week, but Milton Keynes is a special place and the experience there won’t translate easily to the rest of the country. The centre of Milton Keynes is riddled with underpasses and overpasses making it an ideal place for delivery robots to trundle along. Kerbs are non existent at road crossings but even there most can be avoided by use of the underpasses more or less negating the need for robots to negotiate regular road traffic.

In itself, Milton Keynes have a population of around 250,000 although this is expected to double over the next three decades. This means

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