Streaming TV service Philo gets a little more expensive


As the internet TV services have matured, their pricing has as well. The majority have raised their price points — some have even done so multiple times. Today, Philo is following suit…but only by a little. The streaming TV service has been one of the cheapest on the market, with an entry-level plan that began at only $16 per month for 45 channels. Now, it’s doing away with this super low-cost plan, and will only offer the existing $20 per month plan instead.

The $20 per month plan has offered 58 channels, as an upgrade from the basic plan with cable TV favorites. The upgrade adds on a few more networks, like MTV Live, BET Her, Nicktoons, Logo, Cooking Channel, Destination America, Discovery Family Channel, Discovery Life Channel, and others. These, arguably, aren’t all “must-haves” — and likely, few of its subscribers chose to the higher priced package.

The company declined to say how many customers it has, or the percentage of customers who had subscribed to its $16 and $20 plans.

With the price changes that go live on May 6, 2019, all new Philo customers will only have the option to sign up for the $20 per month