The Game Boy’s 30th anniversary: a celebration in photos


When our editors started talking about doing a feature for the Game Boy’s 30th anniversary, I instantly knew I wanted to do this photo series. I guess the nostalgia factor kicked in; it brought all the memories back that I’m sure many of you also share with this device.

I should mention that this whole meeting took place at a bar during one of those post-work drinks with the team. Minutes after drinks were served, all of us we were scouting eBay to find some of the old accessories: the link cable, Game Boy camera, external battery pack, and Game Genie all came from various places across the US and the world. Some, to our surprise, were never even opened or used.

The centerpiece, an original Game Boy itself, came from news editor Sean Hollister. It was in pristine condition in a not-so-pristine carrying case, which some of you might remember or even still have somewhere in your attics or basements.

Sunday, April 21st, 2019, marks the Game Boy’s 30th anniversary. We’re running stories all week long to celebrate the influential portable device, looking at