The Nikola Wav is an electric watercraft with a 4K display and cruise control


Electric trucking company Nikola Motors just announced an all-electric sit-down personal watercraft called the Wav (pronounced “wave”). Inspired by the design of superbikes, the Wav is a wild looking jet-ski style vehicle that Nikola Motors CEO Trevor Milton called the “future of watercraft.” It features a waterproof 12-inch, 4K display in the dashboard, LED lights in the front and back, and even has cruise control. Milton debuted the Wav alongside an all-electric off-roader and the company’s two flagship electric big rigs at an event in Arizona Tuesday night.

“This watercraft defies the norm and creates a new standard,” Jordan Darling, the vice president of Nikola’s powersports division, said on stage. The Wav will be powered by a completely new adaptable battery architecture that Nikola developed specifically for watercraft, and a smaller stand-up version will come next. The company is already taking reservations for the Wav, but pricing and other specs were not immediately announced. The Wav is supposed to ship sometime in the early 2020s.

While there have been attempts at battery-powered Jet Ski-style watercraft before, most haven’t left the concept stage. Nikola scooped up one of the more promising concepts in a 2017