The Samsung Galaxy Fold fiasco is the best example yet of why Apple always waits to get into new markets (AAPL)


Six years after his untimely passing, it’s not uncommon to hear people bemoan that the late Apple cofounder Steve Jobs would have done things differently at Apple. I’ve become uncomfortable with this line of thinking — Jobs made mistakes, just like anybody else, and we’ll never really know what he thinks about the Apple of 2019.

However, I’m willing to make an exception for Samsung’s newest fiasco, where at least four reviewers are complaining that the $2,000 Samsung Galaxy Fold smartphone is breaking after just days of use.

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I have never felt more confident in saying that, no, Steve Jobs would never have let this happen.

The problem at least partially hinges, if you’ll excuse the pun, on a thin strip of plastic that goes over the inside screen of the Galaxy Fold. According to reviewers, this strip can separate from the phone’s screen and appear removable. And so, at least some reviewers did.

It’s not immediately clear if removing that strip contributed to problems with the Galaxy Fold: At least two of the reviewers who had problems with the Galaxy Fold kept the plastic on.