Tips to Help Your Mobile Ads Stand Out


There’s no question that mobile advertising is well on its way to becoming the dominant medium for attracting new and return customer. And with the proliferation of mobile use, the sky’s the limit when it comes to reaching the right audience. Though, it’s not quite as simple as using traditional ads on a mobile platform and sitting back and waiting for results. There are steps companies both small and large must take to achieve the results that add to the bottom line.

It starts with developing a mobile ad that’s compelling enough to spark the attention of a potential client, while also providing them a motive to take action and engage with a business.

To effectively take advantage of mobile advertising, keep these pointers in mind:

Keep It Short — Try to be as concise as you can. The ad should only focus on your core message, using five words or less. With mobile advertising, space is limited. It’s more important to become pithy and clear in conveying your message.

Keep It Simple — Remember the KISS principle? In mobile ads, it’s not necessary to convey a complex sales pitch, because you must make the most use of what little space you have. Concentrate on making your potential customers want to click your ad with a call-to-action that addresses their pain points. Use your landing page to add more detailed content and messaging to persuade the customer.

Know Your Own Goal — Do you understand what you are trying to accomplish with your mobile advertising campaign? Do you want to have more users to sign up with your website? Are you looking to send more company newsletters? When you define your objectives, make sure that your call-to-action is very clear and reflects your campaign objectives.

Keep in mind that the idea is just the beginning—but companies that begin with the right base will probably be in the best position to capitalize on the potential of mobile advertising.