Top 5 Crypto Performers Overview: XTZ, BNB, BCH, ETH, XMR


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An extended downtrend usually goes through an accumulation phase before starting a new uptrend. Digital assets fund Adamant Capital believes that the crypto markets are currently going through that phase.

Currently, about 3% of American retirees have invested in Bitcoin, according to a recent survey. 56.7% of the retirees have heard of Bitcoin, but are reluctant to invest. This might be due to the long and crushing bear market. When the markets start rising and enter a bull phase, many of these are likely to enter the markets. Clarity on regulations from the government will also result in greater participation. Andrew Yang — a United States Democratic presidential candidate for the 2020 elections — is in favor of implementing clear regulations on digital assets.

The Chinese President Xi Jinping is bullish on the prospects of the blockchain technology for the future. Though cryptocurrency trading is banned in China, the ruling party sees the