Video: We forced the R2D2 builders association to reveal its raison d’etre


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Despite science’s continual advances, there are mysteries we’ve still never solved. You know, things like what went on at the Dyatlov Pass? What’s the deal with the Great Attractor? And, most pressingly, why does R2D2 builders association exist?

On our trip to Lille, we tried to solve one of these questions. Specifically, the last one. Check out the video above to see if we got to the core of the matter and revealed some pure, true meaning.

So what is the R2D2 builders association?

As the name suggests, it’s a group of people who get together and build models of R2D2. Worldwide, it’s also referred to as Astromech and has a thriving community of people creating the intrepid robot from Star Wars.

The individuals we spoke to were from the French arm of the organisation, known as l’association communauté francophone des constructeurs de R2.

Now, I understand why this club exists – I truly do. The thing is, I don’t get why.

Yes, I get that R2D2 is the reason the forces of good eventually win in the Star Wars universe, with

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