Watch Pro-, Anti-Marijuana Groups’ Ads for Ballot Measures


Campaigns supporting and opposing marijuana ballot measures are filling up airwaves and social media feeds with political advertisements in the run-up to the elections Nov. 6, 2018.

From Utah to Michigan, battles to convince the electorate via video advertisements to vote one way or the other on cannabis-related initiatives are heating up.

Here’s a roundup of ads you can find on TV and the internet as competing camps work to get out the vote in the four states with recreational or medical legalization up for consideration on Election Day.


Veterans, police officers, and a former television news anchor explain their support for an initiative to fully legalize cannabis in Michigan.

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The Coalition to Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol also produced a series of ads focusing on the safeguards that a regulated cannabis system creates, the economic benefits of legalization, and the positive impact of a legal marijuana marketplace on criminal justice.

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But in this ad, anti-legalization Healthy and Productive Michigan president Scott Greenlee conflates active impairment from marijuana with the presence of cannabis metabolites in drug tests.

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The group also created an ad about the risks that the legalization of cannabis edibles poses to young people.

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New Approach Missouri, a campaign vying to pass one of three separate measures to legalize medical cannabis in the state, presents several ads championing support from doctors, patients and veterans for Amendment 2.

The same pro-legalization committee blasted the backer of a competing amendment over his measure’s proposed tax policy on legal medical cannabis.

Check out our new ad featuring real #Missouri doctors who are advocating for medical #marijuana for their patients and want you to vote #YesOn2 and #NoOn3 on November 6th. Amendment 2 is the right choice for Missourians!

Posted by New Approach Missouri on Monday, October 29, 2018

Dr. Brad Bradshaw, the main supporter of Missouri’s Amendment 3, released a video touting his credentials and arguing that a vote “yes” means supporting cancer research.

A campaign committee in support for Amendment 3 also released several attack ads on Amendment 2, including the fact that it allows patients to cultivate their own medicine at home.

North Dakota

Legalize ND Web Ad

Check out and SHARE our brand new web ad, and spread the word about supporting Measure 3 with our commit to vote tool:

Posted by Legalize ND on Monday, October 1, 2018

“Personal freedom and criminal justice reform are at the heart of Measure 3,” a pro-legalization ad states. “On November 6, let’s exercise our rights and vote ‘yes’ to legalize recreational marijuana.”

On the other hand, ads attacking North Dakota’s bid to legalize marijuana for adult use range from interviews with a former Denver mayor to a commercial focusing on edible cannabis products, produced by the anti-legalization group Smart Approaches to Marijuana.

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Drug Safe Utah, an anti-legalization committee, released an ad indicating that the group was sympathetic to efforts to legalize cannabis for medical use — but that the legalization proposal at hand goes “too far.”

It’s likely that pro- and anti-legalization camps in Utah would have funded more ads ahead of Election Day—but competing campaigns effectively reached a ceasefire in light of a proposed legislative compromise deal that lawmakers are expected to consider soon after Nov. 6, 2018, regardless of whether the ballot measure is approved by voters.


Voters in 16 counties and two cities in Wisconsin will have the chance to voice their opinion on marijuana legalization on Nov 6 — in the form of non-binding advisory questions that could help inform future legislation. The pro-reform advocacy group Forever Wisconsin released an ad on Oct. 30 that delivers a short and sweet message to prospective voters:

Want to legalize marijuana? Go VOTE Wisconsin!

Want to legalize and regulate marijuana? GO VOTE! It’s on your ballot in Wisconsin in the following counties and cities on November 6th ballot: Brown County, Clark County, Dane County, Eau Claire County, Forest County, Kenosha County, La Crosse County, Langlade County, Lincoln County, Marathon County, Marquette County, Milwaukee County, Portage County, Racine County, Rock County, Sauk County, City Racine and City Waukesha.

Posted by Forever Wisconsin on Monday, October 29, 2018

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