What Arya’s new weapon could mean for Game of Thrones


Spoilers ahead for “Winterfell,” episode 1 of Game of Thrones, season 8.

In Game of Thrones’ season 8 premiere, Arya Stark reunites with her crush, Gendry, who’s also a blacksmith, and asks him to make her a mysterious new weapon. We only get a quick look at a design she’s drawn, but there are a few clues from Arya’s past about what the weapon could be.

Arya’s arsenal is fairly full already. In season 7, she got her hands on a new weapon, an unnamed dagger made of Valyrian steel, the same one used in an assassination attempt against her younger brother, Bran Stark. She also has her sword, Needle, which Jon Snow gave her in season 1. That weapon has served her well in the Water Dance sword fighting style, where she has to be agile and quick. But as she reminds Jon in “Winterfell,” it’s not made of Valyrian steel, so it’d be useless against the undead White Walkers coming from the north.

Presumably, the new weapon Arya is commissioning from Gendry will help her face off against White Walkers from a safer distance, rather than having to get up close to stab them