What does successful email marketing look like?


For many online sellers, email marketing is the one thing that has remained consistent in what is an otherwise rapidly changing e-commerce environment. The evolution of email has been slow and steady because the business case for making dramatic and sudden changes to a product that works well just wasn’t there.

This doesn’t mean that email marketing hasn’t changed over the years – it has and in some cases more significantly than the casual observer would imagine. Think smartphones, think marketing automation and think how comfortably email sits alongside numerous other applications and marketing channels. Even in the good, old, reliable world of email marketing – nothing stands still.

As such, email marketing best practices do need to be occasionally updated and this is precisely why iContact has just published The Ultimate Email Design Lookbook.

“Email marketing is a constantly evolving marketing channel. Many marketers continue to use old practices because, by-and-large, they still work. However, to deliver truly optimised campaigns and see real success in the competitive landscape of the email inbox, marketers need to move with the times.

iContact recently celebrated its 15th anniversary and in that time have managed the sending of billions of email marketing

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