What HubSpot does best, according to a HubSpot expert


Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software can help companies improve sales, revenue, and profitability by streamlining and optimizing communication (and responsiveness) with new prospects and existing customers.

The CRM industry is currently experiencing rapid growth, with market size estimated to reach $35 billion by 2023. There are a few key players in this industry, and many mid-sized and smaller vendors adding to the clutter of options.

With a wide variety of vendors, options and features to choose from, it can be difficult for businesses who want to implement a CRM strategy to know what tool is right or them. For this piece, we spoke to a certified HubSpot expert who has worked with clients to implement effective digital marketing strategies for more than 18 years, on why companies might want to choose this particular software.

Our HubSpot expert

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Jamie Gosweiler, an Inbound Strategist for digital agency CommonMind, has been a web marketer since 2001. He began working with HubSpot in 2013 and is a HubSpot Agency Gold Tier Partner. This last point is important because not all consultants are experts, even if they claim to be.

“Working with a Certified HubSpot Tier