What Matters Most in the Race to 5G Wireless


With 5G knocking on our door, a growing number of wireless competitors have been getting on their high-horses and trying to knock down the current leaders. All I have to say is, cut it out! No customer or investor is interested in all this meaningless industry-wide jibber-jabber. If you keep this up, you may pay a price when you do begin to offer 5G.

Does it really matter which carrier or which smartphone maker is first to 5G? Sure, there is the honor of being first. Sure, you are No. 1 in the record books. Sure, there is cachet to that.

Even though only one company can be first, many others will be in the marketplace, competing for years to come. I think if other carriers don’t stop their carrying-on, they will cause damage to their own brands in the long run.

At this point, every carrier should focus on building its 5G network and bringing real benefits to its users. Progress, not complaining, will excite investors and customers.

The Fastest Wireless Network in the US

On the network side, there currently are two leaders in 5G. AT&T Mobility leads in 5G mobile, and Verizon Wireless leads in 5G home.