Why Advertising is Essential for a Firm’s Growth


Advertising is a powerful way for a company to accelerate its growth plans and move into the next phase of its development. But it’s also something which is hard for some business leaders to commit to. Perhaps you think that your firm doesn’t need to advertise – or maybe you think that it requires too much time and effort. This article will explain why advertising is, in fact, the right course of action for almost every business, no matter what stage of development it might be at.

Hidden opportunities

For a firm which has already seen a period of growth, the option of taking your foot off the gas is often considered. What this looks like in practice is a reduction in advertising spend. But you never know what opportunities a well-executed advert can present. Say you’ve established that your product or service is popular with middle-aged people. You might never have thought that younger seniors in their sixties and seventies may also be interested – but a daytime TV advert could reveal, or even generate, this demand. You never know until you try – so constant testing and experimentation is a great idea.

Defending your position

You might feel that you’ve grown as far as you’re able to grow as a company. But you also need to make sure that you manage to remain in that dominant position for the long term. Consider this: why would some of the world’s largest corporations spend money on advertising if they weren’t getting some sort of benefit out of it? The Coca-Cola Company, for example, has grown into one of the world’s most famous firms. It spends almost four billion dollars a year on ads. While the reasons each big company has to continue to advertise can vary, it’s often the case that they do it because they want to defend their position at the top and remain salient and relevant in the minds of consumers.

Appeal of imagery

At a fundamental level, meanwhile, there’s something about the use of images that only adverts can really deliver. Images of people, for example, can encourage consumers to feel an allegiance with a brand. And with advert maker services available online, it shouldn’t be too much of a technical challenge either. So while other forms of exposure – such as text-based PR interviews or word of mouth – are great, it’s important to pair them with the sort of evocative, accessible and easily-designed imagery that only a well-crafted advert can deliver.

Advertising is a dirty word for some business leaders, but it’s almost never wise for a business leader to abandon it altogether. Often, it can pose fresh opportunities for business growth which aren’t immediately apparent, and it can also help defend any growth achieved so far. And with many adverts relying on the age-old trick of evocative imagery, it’s wise to make sure your firm isn’t the only one in your sector missing out on the power of a well-designed ad.