Withings Move Smartwatch Review: A Few Steps From Greatness


In 2014, the French brand Withings debuted the Activité watches. They were remarkable—classic, understated analog watches that also functioned as a simple fitness trackers. (Disclosure: I bought an Activité Steel.)

Withings’ line of health care products were so beautiful and well-designed that Nokia bought the company in 2016. For the next two years, it befuddled everyone by appending the Nokia brand name to every product. My Activité Steel became a Nokia Steel. Then Nokia got bored. In 2018, Withings’ original founder Éric Careel bought back Nokia’s health division, and shortly thereafter caused a splash at this year’s CES with two new releases, the Move and Move ECG.

Like the Activité watches, the $70 Withings Move is a fitness tracker disguised as a disarmingly attractive analog watch. It’s remarkably affordable and can track your steps, record activities like indoor cycling on the Health Mate app, and use connected GPS to map your distance, pace, and elevation. It can also wake you up with a simple vibrating alarm and track your sleep.

Unlike the Move ECG, it doesn’t take electrocardiogram readings. It also doesn’t track your heart rate, and I’m sad to say that the plastic case scratches easily. I’ve worn

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