Yoast SEO Becomes First WordPress Plugin to Offer Proper Schema Implementation by @MattGSouthern


Popular WordPress plugin Yoast is releasing an update which offers complete implementation of Schema.org markup.

What makes this a first-of-its-kind update is that it solves two problems:

It makes Schema.org implementation easy It cleans up the “fragmented mess” created by most Schema implementations

Even the best Schema implementations are not done very well, the company says, as they often provide no context to search engines.

For example, if a page has five pieces of Schema markup its often unclear to search engines how they’re related to each other.

In addition, it’s also not clear to search engines what the main entity is on the page.

Yoast explains how the latest update to its plugin weaves everything together:

“In our implementation, which we’re releasing today, all of the pieces “stitch together”: we form them into a nested structure. Without this nesting, a search engine doesn’t know how all these pieces relate to each other, and what the most important piece on a page is. Our implementation also clearly and explicitly defines the “main thing” on that page. This removes all of the guesswork and adds a lot of context for search engines.”

You can see the difference for yourself by running