‘You vs. Wild’ Proves Interactive TV Isn’t Always as Exciting as ‘Bandersnatch’


Survivalist Bear Grylls stars in a new, interactive Netflix series, You vs. Wild. Image: Netflix

This week, Netflix released a new interactive reality show, You vs. Wild, featuring celebrity survivalist Bear Grylls.

The series drops him in various environments—such as a central American jungle or an abandoned mine in Europe—but the gimmick is that you, the viewer, make all the decisions that guide him on his mission.

In the first episode, Grylls is tasked with rescuing a doctor lost in the jungle after trying to deliver malaria vaccines to a remote village. After rescuing her, you decide how Grylls gets to the village to deliver the vaccines himself. Should he pack a slingshot with him or a grappling hook? Should he munch on some termites or a grub for energy? Challenge a crocodile or try to sneak by it?

“You decide!” Grylls repeats several times in the trailer, and throughout the series.

You vs. Wild is the second attempt from Netflix at interactive content aimed at adults (the platform already offers four interactive series aimed at children.) The first came with a big splash at the end of 2018 with Black Mirror: Bandersnatch, which allowed viewers to make choices

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