Your AirPods are probably disgusting — here's how to clean them (AAPL)


You probably wouldn’t wear the same outfit day after day without tossing it in the laundry, just like you wouldn’t eat off of the same fork without washing it. But most people probably can’t say the same for their earbuds.

When Business Insider swabbed 22 pairs of earbuds last year to see what types of germs might be residing on them, Columbia’s microbiology lab found that two samples had grown yeast and one sample had grown a type of bacteria associated with dirt. While that test did not include Apple’s AirPods, it’s still in your best interest to keep yours clean.

See below for tips and tricks on how to clean your AirPods. Be careful to avoid getting liquid in any of the AirPods’ openings, especially the charging ports, since they’re not water resistant.